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How To Nail Focus On Your DSLR Every Time

In Photographyby Jerad Hill35 Comments

Focus is an issue no matter how good your camera is. There is no perfect camera that will nail focus each time in every situation. Even the top dollar DSLR cameras have issues with sudden movement and low light situations. The more movement and the lower the light, the harder time it will have. Occasionally it is even hard to pull focus in perfect lighting situations. Over the years there are a few things I have learned to do that assure I get perfect focus “almost” every time. I may attempt to record a video explaining this process. The more I write, the harder I realize this is to explain without being to physically show you everything I am talking about. Before I dive into my setup on my Canon 5D Mark III I want to mention that I have had this setup on my previous camera which was the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 60D, Canon 40D and my very first DSLR camera, the Canon 20D. For those of you who use Nikon, I know there is a setup to achieve this as well. There are a few tools you can use to make it easier to keep focus. The main tool is a tripod. If your subjects are not moving targets, a tripod is a good idea. If your camera is more of an entry level camera or a bit older of a model, I would suggest a tripod. Newer cameras are pretty amazing at detecting movement. Using a remote trigger can also help …

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How I Deal With Low Light Wedding Reception Situations

In Photographyby Jerad Hill11 Comments

Years ago when I first started in wedding photography I quickly realized that nobody was looking out for my best interest during wedding receptions. The lighting was always dimly lit, most likely to set the mood, though I’m sure the mood would be the same with a bit more light. I got tired of chasing down coordinators, if there was even one to ask, to have the lights turned up just a pinch. I have always tried to be prepared for situations so I can react accordingly rather than be stressed when a situation does not work out my way. Though I have been using the technique I explain below for years now, only recently has it became much easier for me to manage. I will start the setup I have been using for the last 4 years. This setup, from a recent wedding, is fired by Pocketwizards. On my camera, I have a Pocketwizard MiniTT1. This trigger allows me to still mount a flash on top of my camera so I can have direct light from any angle. In the photo above you can see that I mounted my flash using a Manfrotto 175F-1 Spring Clamp. A Pocketwizard PlusII is mounted to the clamp as well which fires the Canon 580EXII Speedlight. The Speedlight Flash is pointing up into the white tent. The light will hit the tent and reflect back down toward the ground. Because the tent is shaped as it is, the light is spread out making a nice fill light. If I …

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How to Create a Photo Slideshow in Final Cut Pro X

In Photographyby Jerad Hill8 Comments

Final Cut Pro X may seem a little intimidating, especially if you have little or no video editing experience. Final Cut Pro X has an iMovie feel, which once you spend some time in it, you will find it is quite easy to pick up. I decided to put together a tutorial on how to create a photo slideshow or montage in Final Cut Pro X after many people asked how I created the photo montage for Ty & Ashleigh’s Wedding. I created the slideshow on the same day that Final Cut Pro X was released. Final Cut Pro X Photo Slideshow Tutorial Here is the Photo Montage for Ty & Ashleigh’s Wedding