BTL: Street Performer in Las Vegas

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There are many things to see in Las Vegas. Some of the more interesting are the street performers. Some of these characters have some interesting talent. While I was in Las Vegas for a conference I was hired to film, I spent a couple of evenings walking around. One night, I photographed a series of long exposure photographs on the strip of Las Vegas. In front of the Belagio Hotel and Casino, there was this street performer who seemed to be sitting in mid air. He had a crowd of people around him trying to figure out how he was doing it. There didn’t seem to be anything that would hold him up or keep him balanced. My thoughts are that his staff went into a hole in the ground. I did not return during the day to see if in fact I was correct, but upon inspection of some of my photos, it was all that made sense to me. The one thing that stuck out to me was how still he was being. He didn’t move at all. I have never seen someone sit so still before. This led me to wanting to include him in a long exposure photograph. I felt that the image would look cool with the lines the lights of cars would produce behind him. Las Vegas is a bright place. With just about everything being lit somehow, long exposure photography would become hard because when you take a long exposure photo, a lot of light is able to hit …

009 – My Workflow for Importing and Organizing Photos in Lightroom

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Importing and organizing your photos is important. It won’t be long before you have a mess of photos and it becomes hard to find what you are looking for. The import process is one of the most important of the workflow process. In this episode, I go through importing the long exposure photos I took in Las Vegas, and my thought process when deciding which photos to keep.

Which DSLR Camera should I buy for Christmas?

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I get this question every year. Someone wants to know which camera to buy someone, or him/herself, for Christmas. Every year, I end up giving the same advice. This year I thought it would be a good idea to put it into a post to make it easier to share with others. So who is this guide to buying a DSLR Camera for Christmas for? The people that ask me this question are usually buying their first DSLR camera for someone. The person who will receive this camera usually has not had a DSLR Camera before either. All they know is that they want to make the jump from point-and-shoot, to DSLR. Before diving into which DSLR Cameras I think are best, lets discuss why you would want to go DSLR in the first place. Owning a DSLR Camera to use as your main camera means that you are willing to carry more on you. DSLR Cameras are still larger than their Point-and-shoot counterparts and so are the accessories. DSLR Cameras are not convenient or easy to conceal. They often require their own bag to properly store them. This has been my issue as I have three kids and that makes it hard to carry yet another bag with us when we travel or take trips. I have forever been on the hunt for a camera that produces the same quality of images but is compact enough to put in my pocket. I have yet to find this camera. The first bit of advice I offer …

BTL: Capturing my Daughters Birthday with my Smartphone

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Not every photo has to be taken with high priced gear. You don’t even have to have top of the line equipment to get great photos. This photo is a good example of that. I captured this photo using my iPhone and the Sony QX30. The Sony QX30 is a camera that uses your smartphone as the viewfinder. You also use the phone to control the manual settings on the camera. Though the QX30 does not have full manual mode, it does have Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes, which is pretty close to manual. The QX30 turns my smartphone into a camera capable of shooting in just about any condition. I know that I can get decent photos using my iPhone 6 Plus so long as the lighting in the room is decent, but my iPhone can not┬ácapture a photo I would deem worthy of printing and putting up in our home. This is why I often default to using my DSLR for all situations, but DSLR cameras are large and you can’t easily share photos from them to social media. Not yet anyway. The lighting for this photo was only window light from across the room. It was about 9:30 in the morning when I took this photo and the sun was actually on the other side of our house so the light coming through the the windows was not that bright. Below is a photo of the windows so you can get an idea of the lighting. My daughter was facing the windows …