Ditch Auto Weekly Photo Challenge

Welcome to the Ditch Auto Weekly Photography Challenge. The goal of this challenge is to get our and use your camera. At Ditch Auto, we are all about getting out of manual. That means learning how to use your camera and it’s settings to capture fantastic photos.

This challenge is not about rating or winning. It is about learning. Each week we will introduce a new challenge. You can start anytime. We started this challenge at the beginning of 2017 with the goal of releasing a new challenge every week. Just finding out? Jump in now.

Our Ditch Auto Community on Facebook is the hub for discussion and sharing of photos. 100’s of people are taking the challenge with us. Each week the challenge is posted to the Facebook Group where we discuss the challenge and cheer each other on. There is a Facebook Group Photo Album to upload the photos to so everybody can view, like, and comment on each other’s photos. It’s been pretty awesome so far and we are just getting started.

The premise of each challenge is that you will be growing and stretching yourself in three key areas: Technical, Composition, and Artistic. I break this down in the announcement video.

Want to Join the Ditch Auto Weekly Photo Challenge?

Here is what you need to do, and by the way, this is all free!

Step #1 – Check out the announcement post, video, and rules: Click Here
Step #2 – Join the Facebook Group: Click Here
Step #3 – Choose a challenge (See the Directory Below)
StepĀ #4 – Get Started!

If you are joining late, you can jump in where we are in the challenge or start from the beginning.

This challenge has been so inspiring not only to us here at Ditch Auto, but to our growing community of photographers and photography enthusiasts on Facebook. Though the weekly challenge is over, new videos that include photo challenges will be released on our YouTube channel. Make sure to join us!

See you in the Facebook Group!