012 – Not all Memory is Created Equal – The Memory Test

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So if a memory card is 32GB, why do some cost so much more than others? Some memory reads and writes much faster than other memory. In this week’s podcast we look at just how fast some memory performs in a camera compared to others. Plus, some thoughts on why you would want faster memory. Links to products used in this podcast: Delkin SD Cards 633X Delkin 8 GB Elite 633X SDHC UHS-I Memory Card (DDSDELITE633-8GB) Delkin 16 GB Elite …

BTL: Street Performer in Las Vegas

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There are many things to see in Las Vegas. Some of the more interesting are the street performers. Some of these characters have some interesting talent. While I was in Las Vegas for a conference I was hired to film, I spent a couple of evenings walking around. One night, I photographed a series of long exposure photographs on the strip of Las Vegas. In front of the Belagio Hotel and Casino, there was this street performer who seemed to …

009 – My Workflow for Importing and Organizing Photos in Lightroom

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Importing and organizing your photos is important. It won’t be long before you have a mess of photos and it becomes hard to find what you are looking for. The import process is one of the most important of the workflow process. In this episode, I go through importing the long exposure photos I took in Las Vegas, and my thought process when deciding which photos to keep.

Which DSLR Camera should I buy for Christmas?

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I get this question every year. Someone wants to know which camera to buy someone, or him/herself, for Christmas. Every year, I end up giving the same advice. This year I thought it would be a good idea to put it into a post to make it easier to share with others. So who is this guide to buying a DSLR Camera for Christmas for? The people that ask me this question are usually buying their first DSLR camera for …